Making the 5th Wheel a Permanent Home

After almost 7 months of living in the driveway of our house while we had it up for sale, we decided to rent out the house instead. After a 6 day mad dash of emptying the house and the garage, we moved the 5th wheel onto some friend’s property. Whew!

I was worried about cluttering up our small space with more things from the house, so each time I brought things in, I filled a box to go back out, either to our storage unit or to the Goodwill. In the end, I would say that we’re not much heavier or more full than we were before, and most of the added weight is food that I had stored in our basement.

What a sense of freedom there is from so much STUFF and the the dreaded “shoulds” that bring so much guilt: I should read this, I should clean this, I should display this, I should use this up, I should keep this. The “mights” are just as bad: I might need this, I might use this, I might want this later. For every thing I packed up and gave away, it felt like I was packing up the shoulds and the mights right along with all the stuff!

There have been some moments of anxiety that have crept in now that we are truly “house-free,” though. What if there’s a repair that has to be made that we can’t do ourselves? Where would we stay? What if it were something that was an emergency, like water pouring in somewhere in the middle of the night? Then I have to stop myself and remember that we’d do the same thing as we would if we were in our house. We have insurance, we’d call someone for help, we would stay with friends or at a motel if we had to take the 5th wheel in for an extended repair. In other words, we’d deal with it!

Our long-term plan is to stay in the 5th wheel for the next two years while my husband goes back to school. And then who knows? In the meantime, we’re finding happiness and contentment where we are.

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  • linda

    I enjoyed reading some of your posts on rv living. I currently work full-time for a ministry and my husband has been retired for a few years. I am younger and have at least another 10 years before I can retire. I love to search the Internet for stories of folks who are rving full-time, as that is a dream I have. I love freedom from stuff. I spent a good 10 years or more reading everything I could find on living simply…

    I found your site when I put the words “crochet” and “rv” in google. I have just learned to crochet in the last few months at age 56, and I am loving it! Although my knowledge is limited right now…..

    I am also a woman of faith (obviously since I work for a ministry) so I felt I had a lot in common with you from your blogs.

    Just wanted to say “hello.”


  • Hi, Linda, I enjoyed hearing from you! You also reminded me that it’s been a while since I posted, so I added a new post today. I never thought we’d be living full time in our 5th wheel, but I absolutely love it. I’m always open for questions about rving and also about crocheting!

    Blessings to you,

  • I have a question about living through a winter…or can’t it be done.? We live in Mn so it gets real cold. I think maybe just leaving for something south In January -March. We have’t tried living in our 5th wheel yet but we want to. Letting go of our house…which is full of “stuff’ will be hard.

  • Hi, Karen. I apologize for not responding to your comment about wintering in your 5th wheel, but somehow I missed seeing it. We successfully made it through 3 winters here in WA in the 5th wheel. Granted, we normally have pretty mild winters, but we did have some really cold weather one year, in the single digits for a week or so, and an ice storm on top of snow another winter. Before we moved into our 5th wheel I did some research on winterizing and we implemented lots of the things I read about: putting up skirting, making sure we ran the propane furnace and hot water heater, keeping the water holding tank full and unhooking the hose; wiping down windows to get rid of condensation that would freeze inside. It definitely required more work than just turning the furnace up! If you’ve read the posts on my blog, you’ll see that we did have some mishaps, but all were fixable (and mostly preventable!). I haven’t posted anything for quite some time, mainly because we did finally sell our house that we had been renting out and bought a smaller one, and the 5th wheel has been relegated back to vacation use only. I must admit that I do get a little nostalgic when I’m in there, because all in all it was a really good experience for us!

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